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See the life-changing benefits of a remarkable new compound called PXP for yourself!! 

If you haven’t heard of PXP yet, pay close attention to this information. PXP is so life changing that it can completely change the way you think and feel about a supplemental product. Chances are you’ve never experienced anything like PXP.​

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Available in two sizes:  30 or 90 servings
Available in three sizes: 30, 60, 90 count
Available in two sizes: 4 or 8 oz pump
Available in two sizes: 30 or 90 servings
Available in two sizes: 30, 90 count
Available in 32 oz bottle.
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Could this be the health discovery of a lifetime?

Thousands are sure it is!
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  • If you’re struggling with a health condition (or you know someone who is), read this information carefully.

  • If you’re tired or exhausted a lot of the time (or you know someone who is), review this information carefully.
This is a product that could change your life quickly. It’s new to the United States, but already thousands are claiming it’s the greatest health product they’ve ever discovered. It’s called PXP. And it’s a major health breakthrough!

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about supplemental products. Read this information with a completely fresh mind. What you’ll discover could profoundly improve your health—and the health of your loved ones. It could be the health discovery of a lifetime!
Demand for this product in the United States is HUGE!
There is nothing in the world that we know of that can improve health as rapidly and as dramatically as good food-based supplementation…

PXP supports your body to improve an amazing number of health conditions. Here’s the facts! With PXP many people are discovering that:
  • Fatigue goes away;

  • Immune system is strengthened;

  • Blood sugar is regulated;

  • Hormones are more balanced;

  • Moods are evened out;

  • Stress is reduced;

  • Memory is improved;

  • ​Sleep is more restful;

  • Youthful energy returns;

  • ​Dozens of health conditions are significantly changed for the better.
The life changing results that people are getting from this product is creating a huge demand in several countries around the world.— You’re one of the first in North America to hear about it. Hundreds of doctors are trying PXP and many are recommending it to their patients.
Many studies have been done around PXP, with remarkable results. This product is such a paradigm shift that it can completely change the way you think and feel about food-based supplements. To our knowledge, there is no supplement in the world that can do what PXP can do for you. It’s that powerful!
Studies and Pilot Programs
There is one product that we know of that can single-handedly make the greatest change in the human body for the greatest number of people, in the shortest time possible—in a completely natural, non-intrusive way? That product is PXP…
More Indepth...
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With PXP, many are finding that 60 is the NEW 40! 50, the NEW 30...
PXP is revolutionary in the most literal sense of the word. This is not just the health product of the decade. For many, PXP will be the health discovery of a lifetime. With PXP age 60 can become the new 40…50 the new 30…
So What Exactly Is PXP?   How Can It Be So Powerful? The Principle Behind PXP...
Read this next section very carefully. The better you grasp the principle behind PXP, the more you will understand why it is so revolutionary—and how it can change your life (and your family’s life) so much!

First review this SHORT biochemistry lesson about the aging process. Note these new vocabulary words: Mitochondria and ATP.

If you want to work on anti-aging, “It’s all about the mitochondria!!” That’s the secret to staying young—and feeling younger…day by day by day.
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Purple because of the high antioxidants in this version.
It's about the mitochondria!
What are Mitochondria?

The mitochondria are literally the power plants of your cells. Some doctors and scientist consider the mitochondria to be a kind of “fountain of youth” within your body. They are the secret to the life force behind each and every cell.

“Fix the mitochondria say scientists, and the rest of you won’t break down…”

Research performed by the University Of California scientists has demonstrated that as we age, the efficiency of the mitochondria diminishes, as does their quantity of mitochondria per cell.
Enzacta Pic 1
Sinclair Quote:

“The researchers also found that as long as the cells’ mitochondria (the power plant) are healthy, the cells could stay alive. That means the mitochondria are the gatekeepers of cell survival.”
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Review again what this means to your health…the mitochondria are the gatekeepers of the cells’ survival. Given the right fuel, the mitochondria will produce something that’s necessary to your survival: ATP. You want all the ATP you can get. Here’s why…
Every health problem is due to a lack of energy (ATP) which is created by the mitochondria…
ATP Explained!
ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the energy that drives your trillions of cells. It’s the cells currency. Thinking ATP? —Then think “energy.” Without ATP, your body would have no life at all. NONE! And guess what? That’s what’s happening today with millions of people who are sick, low on energy or struggling in some way with their health: Their body is severely lacking in ATP. Can many of the health solutions in this world be as simple as increasing the amount of ATP your body makes? An emphatic “YES”!
Here's the challenge...

As you age year-by-year, your body is producing less and less ATP. As the ATP diminishes your energy DECREASES. Many people are producing a fraction of the ATP they produced when they were younger. And then they wonder why they feel so tired much of the time. Easy answer…not enough ATP. That’s it!
For millions of people in poor health, these mitochondrial power plants are shut down—out of operation. This creates a shortage of ATP and opens the door for all kinds of health problems to occur. So what does it take for these power plants to stay in operation and continually produce ATP? It takes a very special, high-grade SUPER fuel! That fuel is PXP.

PXP is designed for one purpose and one purpose only: To give the mitochondria a kind of SUPER FUEL so that it will go to work immediately and produce ATP. That’s the secret to becoming younger.

Here’s something astonishing that you should know… Research proves that PXP provides each cell with up to 36 times more ATP than an equivalent amount of carbohydrate.
The More ATP You Produce…
The Better You Feel!
Enzacta Pic 2
Charging your HUMAN CELLs!
Enzacta Pic 3
So why do we age at all? Why don’t we just stay young forever? It’s a lack of ATP. Boost your ATP levels and watch your youthful energy return. ATP supplies the on-demand energy we need to do everything. Think of it like a battery that’s constantly recharging your cells. We need it for every function in the body—from walking to sleeping to thinking. If you want to keep your body in a high-energy state, you must recharge it regularly with ATP.

ATP supplies the on-demand energy we need to do everything. Think of it like a battery that’s constantly recharging your cells. We need it for every function in the body—from walking to sleeping to thinking. If you want to keep your body in a high-energy state, you must recharge it regularly with ATP
Human Cells are like Cellular Phones. 
They need charging!
ATP is literally what’s keeping you alive. You’ve got to have it—plenty of it—if you want to really enjoy life. Otherwise, life’s a struggle. An abundance of ATP is what moves one from barely surviving to thriving.

That’s how important ATP is to your health and your future.
Enzacta Pic 4
Low on Energy?  Stressful days?  
Stress causes our mitochondria to "power down."
So what does PXP do? It gives the mitochondria (the power plant) of each cell the very special fuel it requires, so that it can produce ATP!

And the more ATP it can produce, the better you feel.
This Product Is a Game-Changer When It Comes To Slowing Down The Aging Process!
For decades people have been searching high and low for any health product that could legitimately slow down the aging process. That’s been very hard (if not impossible) to find in this sea of mediocre health products.

PXP is the product millions have been searching for. PXP is a breakthrough on a scale we’ve never seen in our lifetime.

So What’s This Super Fuel Called PXP Made Of?

The results people are getting with PXP are mind-boggling! Besides helping thousands eliminate fatigue and exhaustion, it’s supporting the body with amazing results! 
Enzacta Pic 5

There’s two parts to the GENIUS behind PXP. First of all, there’s the ingredients that make up PXP. Those ingredients make up a nourishing profile that is literally undoing many long-term problems.

Secondly, and just as important, if not more important, it took a major breakthrough in Bio and Nano technology to create PXP. Years ago a product like PXP was not possible, because the technology to produce it did not exist. This technology involves a special 2.5 million dollar nanotechnology-milling machine, which grinds the ingredients in PXP down to one millionth of a unit. Why is that important? Because when it comes to absorbing and utilizing a food-based supplement, size definitely matters! It takes a very tiny, tiny particle to easily get into the mitochondria of the cell.

With PXP, amazing things can happen in improving practically any health condition because the particle size is down to a millionth of a unit? Since the particles in PXP are so tiny, they can go right into the power plant, which can produce ATP for your trillions of cells. There’s no other product in the world we know of with a particle size as small as PXP! 
So How Can One Formula Be So Powerful?  What is it made of?
The deeper you look into the discovery of PXP, the more intriguing it becomes. You may be surprised when you find out that the life-changing ingredients in PXP are 3 special strains of RICE! But, this is rice on a scale you’ve never heard of before.

There are more than 3,000 strains of rice grown in the world. Out of these 3000 forms, the makers of PXP carefully selected 3 very special strains. These 3 strains of rice have a power to improve health beyond anything we’ve ever seen with a health product.

One of the secrets to PXP lies in the non-GMO CROSS POLLINATING of these 3 special strains.
Focus on Ingredients
PXP Comes from the Siam Valley of Thailand—the Largest Organic Plantation Treasure on this Earth! 

These non-GMO, non-hybrid native strains of rice found in PXP are organically grown in the fertile Siam Valley of Thailand—known as the largest, natural, organic plantation treasure on this earth. Along with this, the highly alkaline soils in the Siam Valley are rich in 10,000-year Spirulina, assuring a healthy, pure organic rice grain for PXP.

One of the world’s top DNA rice geneticist was responsible for making PXP as powerful as it could possibly be. The rice grains in PXP produce potent polysaccharide peptides that possess unique functional characteristics easily recognized and utilized (in a magnificent way) by your DNA, RNA and genes.

The intention with PXP was to create a specific healthy food-based profile that could target and improve dozens of health conditions.They did it! PXP works like magic.

The makers of PXP then incorporated advanced Scanning Electron Microscopy technology for superior quality control.
The "Sweet Spot" is Where All the Power is...
One more thing that makes the ingredients in PXP so powerful: What few people know is that there’s a very small part of every grain of rice, where practically all the power is. In other words, the power to rejuvenate and rebuild the human body and brain. 

We call it the “sweet spot” of the rice—or the “eye” of the rice. So the goal with PXP was to concentrate this “sweet spot”, this “power center” of the rice, so that we could benefit from these rare strains of rice like never before. So each bottle of PXP is packed with this power center of the rice. Because of this high concentration of SUPER FOOD-BASED INGREDIENTS, it takes 100 pounds of rice to make one pound of PXP.
Focus on Technology
Amazing NEW Nano Technology Multiplies the Benefits of PXP Many Times…
The Rest of the Story…This part is real important too…With PXP you have perhaps the most powerful healthy food-based profile ever created for the human body. A combination of special polysaccharides and polypeptides, custom designed to focus in on and improve many stubborn, chronic health conditions. But what good is any health product, if you can’t get the cells to absorb it and utilize it? Here’s a shocking truth that many food-based supplement companies would prefer you didn’t know:

The vast majority of food-based supplements on the market (possibly including the ones you’re using) are of little or no use to your body—because they’re very poorly absorbed and utilized. That’s one of the biggest problems in the food-based supplement industry today. Research proves that with many of these products you’re lucky to get 10% absorption rate. The rest is completely wasted, because they never make it into your cells.
Size Matters.
So why is it so difficult with most products to get the food-based "goodness" into the cells? And what makes PXP different from all the rest?

Here’s one of the main reasons: For most supplemental products, the size of the food-based particle is too large to penetrate the cell and be used by the Mitochondria. Imagine this: You have a sieve and you’re trying to get two things through it: a marble and a grain of sand. What are the chances of that marble getting through? NONE! No chance at all. And what about the tiny grain of sand, especially if it was tiny enough?

The marble represents the particle size of most food-based supplements on the market, which is way too big to be easily absorbed by the cell. The tiny, tiny, almost imperceptible grain of sand is symbolic of the particle size of PXP, which is easily absorbed and utilized by the cell.
A PXP Secret...Alphaglycanology
In dramatically reducing the size of the rice grain, PXP undergoes a very advanced, state-of-the-art proprietary Bio and Nano technology called “Alphaglycanology.” It’s a big word but it’s easy to understand. This special technology can significantly increase the bioavailability of food-based "goodness" to the cells, and profoundly enhance the value of PXP to your health. It does this by milling the rice particles into this incredibly small molecular size, down to one millionth of a unit.

PXP is what is known as an Alpha Glycan, which is an extremely tiny particle. But most food-based supplements in the world today are what are known as Beta Glycans. A Beta Gylcan is a much larger particle—more like the marble—too large to easily enter the mitochondria. They’re not absorbed and utilized well by the cells.

Research shows that PXP has more than a 90% absorption rate, which is practically unheard of in the food-based supplement industry.
Amazing Nanotechnology Breakthroughs
One of the Secrets to PXP!
So PXP is the result of a huge technological breakthrough. Due to Nanotechnology and other Biotechnology methods this state of the art milling machine can mill this SUPER STRAIN of rice in PXP down to a grain so very tiny it can easily get into the Mitochondria of the cell.

And every time you take a small scoop of PXP, it quickly penetrates the Mitochondria and comes out on the other end as energy for your cells, organs, glands, circulatory and nervous system…precious ATP.

By the way, we’re not talking just a slight increase in energy. For many users of PXP we’re talking a dramatic energy increase of between 25% and 200% or more. That’s become the new norm for thousands of people using PXP on a daily basis. More ATP is your solution to having more energy and stamina than you’ve had in years.
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Available in three sizes: 30, 60, 90 count
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Questions People Often Ask About alfa HFI
(The answers given below by our resident health expert, Dr. Doug Gabbert.)
Q: What are the main ingredients of Alfa HFI?

A: alfa HFI is completely natural and contains analogues of a patented form of humic and fulvic acids (humates) extracted from rich deposits of humus material found in soil. These patented elements have undergone over 15 years of research, including a study done by the prestigious National Institute of Heath in Washington, DC, showing how humic acid can nourish the immune system. A special extraction and autoclaving process of our humates produces the absolute highest quality and purest form (tested 99% pure) of all humic acid products available on the market today.

Q: How does HFI support a healthy immune system?

A: Humic acid is a vital mineral that studies have shown helps create within us an environment that is hostile to a variety of foreign invaders. Humic acid compounds contain very powerful antioxidants that block the key enzymes that many foreign microbes used to invade our cells. This same enzyme blocking action holds true for yeast / fungus and parasites. By consuming humates on a daily basis, we can healthfully support our immune system in its fight against many of these foreign invaders.

Q: How does alfa HFI work synergistically with PXP Royale to support the immune system?

A: An immunologist of a leading university medical school has noticed a vital connection between the immune system and humic acids and their ability to increase sugar proteins (polysaccharide peptides) within the body. The abundance of these sugar proteins allows the immune system to react quickly and correctly to foreign invaders.

Q: Does alfa HFI contain minerals and trace elements?

A: Food-based supplements that have been chelated by humates are in an ideal natural form to interact with and be absorbed by living cells. Humates like humic acid are so powerful that one single molecule is capable of carrying 60 or more minerals and trace elements into the cells. Minerals like zinc, iodine, and selenium are known for their immune supporting properties.

Q: Can alfa HFI increase oxygen?

A: Increasingly, blood studies have shown that red blood cells have the capability of carrying higher percentages of oxygen when in the presence of humates. Human subjects taking humates have reported feelings of euphoria during the first few days of taking humates. This euphoria is a result of additional oxygen. Cells of the body need oxygen to function, repair, and rejuvenate. Oxygen robbers include: foods containing simple sugars, shallow breathing, smoking, over eating, lack of exercise, and stress.

Q: How can alfa HFI support joint health?

A: Humates are known to exhibit joint strengthening properties as they bond to collagen fibers to aid in repair of damaged tendons and bone. Tendon strength has been shown to increase by as much as 75%. Also, humates have demonstrated efficacy toward relieving swelling from joint inflammation.

Q: How does alfa HFI support the GI tract?

A: Research indicates that within the body, humates stimulate the good bacteria in our GI tracts while suppressing the bad bacteria. Since our GI tract is considered our secondary immune system, it is important to support the healthy bacteria that live there as they release their immune fighting benefits on a daily basis.

Q: How does alfa HFI detoxify heavy metals from the body?

A: We all live in a world that is getting more toxic every day. Heavy metals like cadmium, mercury, and lead can accumulate in the body from our diet. Over time, without proactive steps to remove them, they turn the body into a walking toxic waste dump. Humates, like a heavy metal magnet, attract heavy metals by bonding to them through ion exchange and then expel them from the body.

Q: Can I take alfa HFI if I am taking medication?

A: Like all of our products, we suggest if you are on medication to first check with your doctor before taking alfa HFI.

Q: What is the daily recommended dose of alfa HFI?

A: We recommend adults take 1 to 2 capsules daily. For those adults with health challenges, they may take 3 to 6 capsules daily. The recommended serving for children is 1 capsule daily.
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Enzacta Flower 1
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