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Access provides you with step by step building blocks to become totally aware and begin to function as the conscious being you really are. – AccessConsciousness.com

‘BARS’ is a hands-on body process consisting of 32 points on the head, that when lightly held, release the electro-magnetic component of thought. One session can release feelings, emotions, judgments, and limitations we have held onto in any lifetime around power, creativity, money, control, aging, your body, sexuality, relationships, and more.

This refreshing and relaxing technique relieves stress and tension aches for pure relaxation.  It helps rejuvenate both body and mind.

(1 session = 60 minutes)
It’s fast, effective and it lasts! It’s easy! It is not like anything you have ever experienced!

Our brain is a capacitor (a device that holds an electrical charge) and our thoughts, feelings and emotions all have an electrical component. Any time we decide that something is significant, important or worth holding onto, we store it in our brains. Our brain is like a giant computer that has billions of considerations stuck in it that no longer serve us.
What if we could eradicate all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and considerations that lock into your body and impact your life, health and well-being?

What does ‘BARS’ stand for? ‘BARS’ is not an acronym. ‘BARS’ describes the connection made by the fingers between two acupressure points on the head, like a jumper cable connects two battery terminals.

The Purpose

The purpose of Access is to create a world of consciousness and oneness. Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. It is our target to get you to the point where you receive from Access the awareness of everything, with no judgment of anything. If you have no judgment of anything, then you get to look at everything for what it is, not for what you want it to be, not for what it ought to be, but just for what it is.

Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment, without judgment of you or anyone else. It is the ability to receive everything, reject nothing, and create everything you desire in life – greater than what you currently have, and more than what you can imagine.

  •   What if you were willing to nurture and care for you?
  •   What if you would open the doors to being everything you have decided it is not possible to be?
  •   What would it take for you to realize how crucial you are to the possibilities of the world?


Founded by Gary Douglas in 1990 and expanding with the added contribution of Dr. Dain Heer over the last 11 years, Access Consciousness is now available in many countries throughout the world.
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Access Consciousness (BARS)